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Hello, Buffer

// July 28th, 2021

I just about have my Emacs configs figured out. I tried Spacemacs for a few days; I really like the idea behind it but I couldn’t quite make the switch from regular Emacs. Then I found Doom Emacs, and somehow, things clicked.

As you might have guessed, my goal is to get a nice UI to Org Mode.

Or, if that raises more questions, Org Mode is an Emacs package for creating hierarchical lists which are great for todo-lists, journaling, and even writing comic scripts.

Mostly, though, this post is just me testing org2blog making a post. Here are a few links, though, to the stuff I’m using:

Blogging with org2blog

// June 24th, 2021

If you don’t know what this is, you probably don’t want to know, but in the case that you do: I’m checking out org2blog for Emacs ( instead of using the new WordPress post/page editor.

Let’s go!


New stuff!

// November 28th, 2020


It’s been a while. I finally got around to getting an ssl certificate and set up the shop here that I’d always meant to do. Also on the agenda was fixing up the links up at the top. So far it’s been a pretty productive weekend!

Thanks for visiting!


// December 29th, 2019

This is some text, just checking where it ends up on a page. It’s almost 2020, I wonder what the new year will be like?